Bowen Therapy

What is it?

is a simple, gentle, but powerful technique, developed in Australia by the late Dr. Tom Bowen. It involves a system of gentle but accurate movement over various parts of the body. There are groups of points, which are used in specific sequences to treat different areas of the body.

How does it work?

This wonderful technique works by relaxing soft tissues (i.e. muscles, connective tissue (i.e. fascia, the substance that binds and supports organs and muscles etc.), ligaments and tendons)). With the relaxing of the soft tissues, muscle tension and stress are decreased. This releasing of tension etc. in the body takes pressure off blood vessels, nerves and the lymphatic system. This increases the circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid, and promotes a better nerve supply throughout the body.

The increased in blood flow, increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients and other substances (needed for optimal cellular function) that can be transported to the tissues.  As cellular metabolism occurs, waste products are produced.  These wastes are released from the cells into the surrounding lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic System is responsible for the removal of wastes from around the cells of the body, and transporting these wastes to areas where they can be removed from the body.  It also has a role in our immune function, as well as transportation of some nutrients. Therefore better circulation of lymphatic fluid means there is a more efficient removal of metabolic wastes (the substances produced in the body by normal cell function, and are either of no further benefit to the body, or are toxic) from the body.  It also means our immune system will become stronger, helping us to fight illness, infections etc, more effectively.

The releasing of pressure off the nervous system allows for a much stronger and more efficient nerve supply throughout the entire body. This means cellular function can be greatly increased.  Also, decreasing the pressure from the nerves can greatly reduce the nerve pain, which may have been associated with the pressure.

The major function of the BOWEN TECHNIQUE is to allow the body to realign itself (in itís own time), without there being a need for force (as is the case with some other physical therapies). This is due to the BOWEN TECHNIQUES ability to relax the soft tissues at a very deep level. Once the pressure is taken off the muscles, nerves etc., the joints can realign themselves (in their own time), to the correct position, thus further contributing to an  increase in blood, lymph and nerve supply etc., as mentioned previously.

What can it treat?

THE BOWEN TECHNIQUE has proven to be very successful in treating all muscle and joint problems e.g. pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and arms (including frozen shoulders, tennis and golferís elbow, and repetitive strain injuries etc.), hip, knee, ankle and foot problems (eg. hammer toes, bunions etc.). 

There are many other areas in the body that can greatly benefit from the therapy.  Some of these include asthma and other breathing disorders, kidney problems, headaches, hormone related migraines, mastitis (sore/tender breasts), bowel problems, and children with bed wetting problems.  These are just some of the many conditions that have been successfully treated with the BOWEN TECHNIQUE.


Graham Wilson: