The main aim of Naturopathy (also known as one of the Alternative or Complementary Therapies) is to treat the whole person and not just the presenting symptom.  Many of our bodily functions depend on each other to maintain optimal function.  A Naturopath looks at all aspects of health in order to determining what areas of  the body, which organ systems, or what aspects of lifestyle may be out of balance.  Once this has been determined then treatment of any imbalances/illnesses is via a more natural means.  The next step is to determine the best and most appropriate strategies/course of action to take.  A number of modalities (methods of treatment) such as  Herbal Medicine, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise Therapy, Vitamin and Mineral Therapy, Flower Essences (including Australian Bush Essences, Bach Flowers etc.), Homoeopathy, and Physical Therapies (such as The Bowen Technique, or Therapeutic and Remedial Massage etc.) can be used to restore balance and health.

Herbal Medicine

Before the introduction of modern pharmaceutical drugs, mainstream medicine used plant extracts to treat patients illnesses. This modality maintains this knowledge and, through modern research, many of the present herbal extracts have now been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of many conditions.


This modality concentrates on treatment using specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It also looks at the impact certain foods have on our health and what is best avoided, according to the individual.


Homeopathy has a more wholistic approach to illness.  It works on the principle of ‘like cures like’, meaning that any substance (plant, mineral, or a living organism such as a bacteria, mould or virus etc.) that causes a set of symptoms (illnesses) in a healthy person, can cure someone who has the same set of  symptoms when they are ill.  This means Homeopathy can be used in the treatment of a  broad range of illnesses, and can play a major role in the treatment of many conditions.  Because of the power and complexity of Homeopathic medicines, some practitioners choose either not to use the modality at all, or become Homeopathic Specialists, and only use Homeopathy as their method of treating illness, or to enhance a patients current level of wellness, while other practitioners use Homeopathic medicines in conjunction with other therapies.  Homeopathy is especially useful for the treatment of children.

Bowen Technique
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