Ultra-Lite Weight Management Program

This is a professional weight management program that has been used by thousands of people around Australia with phenomenal success.  It was devised by a team of leading Naturopaths and involves using every day foods but in a manageable way.  During the program you will be monitored by a fully qualified Naturopath every week (for the duration of the program, usually 5 weeks) to ensure that your health remains a priority at all times.

The program is one where you lose weight rapidly with safety.  Weight loss in the first week can range from 2-5kg.  It is neither a starvation diet nor a high protein diet, you will still be getting the required balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  The program also has a maintenance program, which will ensure that you can manage your food intake when the program is complete, and you have reached your target weight. You will have a new zest for life as your energy level is enhanced, your body will perform better and your lifestyle will be improved.

                         Do it now, you have nothing to lose except your weight.




Mark Beckefeld: